(GET IN ONE WEEK) 8 BOTTLES Ivy Silkshine Daily Hair Shampoo (950ml / 32 fl oz each bottle) – 4 Variants – SMOOTH & SILKY, COLOR & REPAIR DAMAGE CARE, DANDRUFF CARE, ANTI-HAIRFALL –

$180.60 (as of January 4, 2018, 6:22 pm) $129.00

You will get EIGHT BOTTLES (950ml / 32 fl oz. each bottle) of Ivy SILKSHINE Hair Shampoo. The variants of the eight bottles are 2 bottles SMOOTH & SILKY Hair Shampoo, 2 bottles COLOR & DAMAGE CARE Hair Shampoo, 2 bottles DANDRUFF CARE Hair Shampoo and 2 bottles ANTI-HAIRFALL Hair Shampoo. All products sold are in BRAND NEW condition, Original and Genuine from official authorized distributor Amazon seller NewtonStore straight from manufacturer.
Ivy SILKSHINE HairCare range is a high-quality daily haircare product range consisting of hair shampoo, hair conditioner, treatment mask and other hair styling products. Ivy SILKSHINE is sold across Asia and is selling in retail stores in other regions like the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America etc. It is manufactured and shipped from Asia using DHL / UPS Express delivery service (2-4 days) by NewtonStore.
Suitable for use by both genders – women and men. For use by adults and children. SMOOTH & SILKY Hair Shampoo contains Panthenol and Wheat Germ Oil, leaving your hair silky, smooth, straighter and more manageable. COLOR & DAMAGE CARE Hair Shampoo contains Color Care active complex, Plant Protein and M-Fruit to enhance colour of dyed hair and to repair hair damage in coloured hair caused by chemical treatment.