Aminotouch Natural PURE PROTEIN TREATMENT Grow Long Hair, Repair Damage & Split Ends, Strengthen Weak Hair, Collagen Filler Keratin Repair that Works From the Core to the Outer Layers, instant results

$46.00 (as of January 2, 2018, 3:58 pm) $12.95

Aminotouch is a Natural Pure Collagen & Keratin Protein hair treatment that works from the core to the outer layers of your hair in order to deeply repair dry, damaged, split ends, frizzy and over-processed hair. Aminotouch will immediately improve your hair’s appearance, strength and shine. Why use Complicated OlaPlex?
Aminotouch can also be used as a pre-coloring/bleaching treatment in order to prevent hair damage and to retain a vivid, brighter color for a longer duration
Recommended uses for all hair types: Damaged hair, split ends, bleached hair. Colored hair: use before coloring, bleaching and highlights to prevent damage. Dry dull faded hair (sun damage)