7-Day Pill Organizer, Pillnut7 Weekly Pill Box Pill Planner for Daily Medication, Vitamins & Supplement, hermetically Sealed package, Pill Reminder with Large Letters & Braille Dots

$10.49 (as of January 5, 2018, 6:34 pm)

☆ YOUR #1 PILL CASE SOLUTION. Pillnut7 pill case is a revolutionary collaborative design created in California by leading product designers and medical professionals. Pillnut7 is a leading brand pill case that is built to last and makes your daily medication or vitamin routine a breeze.
☆ FUNCTIONAL CIRCULAR DESIGN. Unlike most pill cases available today, our Pillnut7 design is circular in shape, making it more manageable and compact. All the compartments can be opened at the same time, so loading is easy and the large capacity of our pill case holds any size pill. Perfect size of 4.5″ in diameter and only 1″ in height.
☆ MADE FROM BPA FREE, FLEXIBLE TPU MATERIAL. The Pillnut7 pill case is made from the toughest unbreakable TPU material which is free from the toxin BPA you find in other brand plastic pill cases, making it safer for you. Our pill case is also translucent not transparent meaning you can see the content but protect your pills from harmful sunlight and it is completely odor less!