Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry

Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry

While looking back, the 80’s fashion trends in clothing, shoes, and jewelry were inspired by a celebrity. From royal personalities to rising dancers, that explosion of music videos added to the clothing plus accessories women across the country chose to wear.

On the conventional side of things Princess Diana. While Lady Spencer, she got the attention of people throughout the globe. In those early years of her place in that attention, her hair also demure clothing, shoes, and jewelry were mimicked by fairy tale-loving women universally.

While not royalty, Joan Collins ruled the big screen, along with her big shoulder pads. Her reputation on nighttime soap opera Dynasty was a ruthless businesswoman who managed her personal story with the same authority. Women wanting the same status mimicked the bold clothing, shoes, and jewelry styles en masse. In the initial years of the decade, the shape was a big topic of discussion. The initial exercise videos were released. Also, women copied those styles away from that gym as well. The several favorite items to make it from the fitness studio to that mainstream were legwarmers. For years, ladies wore legwarmers to coordinate with their clothes even if they had no plan regarding exercise.

Additionally, the material utilized for exercise gear started being used for informal wear leggings. Women universally were wearing skintight spandex pants as an essential fashion statement. Modern women in the 80’s frequently imitated the pop stars on television at the time. Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, including others encouraged to set the trends for those girls. That involved large, stout pieces of jewelry including multi-layered gummy bracelets.

The more massive a pair of earrings, the better. Women liked to wear substantial attention-grabbing earrings that could manage the competition of great 80’s hair. Skirts stayed short, returning to the mini status that grew popular in the 60’s. Denim also spandex was the commonly adopted materials for those tiny fashion statements.

To go with the big pieces of jewelry also a tiny skirt, many women preferred to use bright neon color shirts. Gleaming green, yellow including pink fabrics were frequently used in contrast with black to create striking fashion statements. Of course, not every woman needed to wear miniskirts all of the time. Typically, a comfortable pair of jeans fashioned into a strong fashion statement. Somewhere between punk and grunge, those 80’s fashion jeans had precisely the correct amount of holes including ripped to deliver that exact statement.

One accessory that everyone had to own during the decade was a pair of Ray-Bays. The Wayfarers got great thanks to pop society. Also, they became a mark of whether or not a person was “cool” according to the fashion criteria of the decade.

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