Bath Products

Candles lit – not one but several. Hot st­eam lifts off the water as puffs of fluffy bubbles float on the surface. Bath products such as Aromatherapy oils permeate the air plus have changed the water translucent. It is 6:30 am, and I am in the bathtub. Enclosed by total and utter silence (including the best bath products) – this is my time.

If it comes to the tub, we regularly assume long baths remain the reserve of the eventide. Indeed, following a long stressful day within the office/working tasks – where appropriate – there remains nothing better than a long soak in that tub. However, there is something about taking a moment for you during a rare morning that I am wholeheartedly embracing. Twenty minutes. That is something we are talking about.

I have always compared taking some me time in an evening with guilt; that is while I should be finishing that tax return or eventually emptying that box from our movement six months ago – anything on my life admin list which seems to find itself to be low in priority. But it’s just twenty minutes, which is enough to get away.

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