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Makeup Face Charts And Knowing Makeup Face Charts

Obey these tips for understanding makeup face charts

One of those greatest things about going to the makeup counter and having your face done by a professional Makeup Artist is taking home the makeup face charts.

Thanks to your MUA you know precisely what product to put where so you can easily recreate the look.

So what if you want to create your looks and can’t get your hands on a astack of makeup face charts?

Unless you are a qualified makeup artist or expert, possibilities are you may not understand what makeup face charts do or how to use them. To sum it up for you, a makeup face chart is applied by makeup artists to experiment out or design a look. They are further used to photograph a look that has been tried on someone else, like for a photo shoot or bridal trial. Makeup face charts are useful to have because they help you keep track of all the different products and colour combinations that were applied if you want to recreate the look again in the future. See 10 Secrets I Learned At Makeup Artist School for a program of tips plus tricks right from the pros.

It’s fair to say that one most popular of face charts is by MAC. There are many websites devoted to them and thousands of YOUTUBE videos of Makeup Artists colouring them in. However, MAC isn’t the exclusive game in town each major department shop brand has them.

Lancome, Chanel, Clinique, Dior and Estee Lauder are some of those most familiar department store brands that become face charts.

However, the problem with those face charts is that they are merely a little too universal! Each face charts we’ve discovered aren’t quite cookie cutter barbie faces. These blank face charts we’ve found to study on this site are mixed, we’ve seen various face shapes, various eye shapes, several lip shapes, also different ethnic backgrounds.

Makeup face charts appear on a particular kind of paper that you can use makeup straight to, so you want to use the test face on the paper as a real person, progressing through all the levels of using primer plus so forth. Now you can let your creativity soar and experiment by playing around with bronzer, blush, eye colours and lip colours. Spray over the complete look with hairspray once you are finished to save the look. You can additionally visit the website for MAC Makeups to download several distinguished makeup face charts (empty ones to produce your looks plus predesigned ones for a look you want to try). Be certain to review 11 Makeup Mistakes You Do Not Realize You Are Making a list of makeup no-nos.