DIY Airbrush Makeup

DIY Airbrush Makeup Method Saves Money

DIY Airbrush Makeup Does Save Money!

Personally, I’ve regularly discovered that idea of purchasing specific “airbrush makeup” a little foolish. The only advantage it serves is that it’s premixed to a pleasant texture; so it saves a bit of time plus work. However, given the cost variance plus normal small range of colours; I’m thrilled blending DIY Airbrush Makeup each time.

Over the counter “liquid makeup” means a suspension. It frequently has little bits that may hurt the unique quality internal mix airbrushes. Most external mix airbrushes would be excellent. The critical case, a q-tip soaked in alcohol should fix greatest clogs.

Ideally, you need to use something like moistened cake makeup (e.g. kryolan aqua colour), blended with water till it’s about the density of whole milk (give or take depending on that airbrush plus pump used). I’ve discovered about mixing fixing spray with this solution, but haven’t tried it. It sounds like it would make sense. It’ll make cleaning the airbrush a little more involved, but hardly an issue.

I do airbrush PAX, which is a blend of artist’s acrylic paint (Liquitex) and prosthetic adhesive. This is about the meanest, stickiest paint you can airbrush with, however so long as you store the airbrush clean, includ9ing don’t allow it remain dry, even that works fine.

Most DIY Airbrush Makeup can be thinned with various concentrations of water and alcohol. The more alcohol used, the quicker it will dry to the skin; however it also can seriously chill you when doing large areas, and with higher concentrations of alcohol, there is a genuine fire danger; so you have to take care to avoid active electrical devices and smoking people.

Airbrush makeup has been applied for years of art performances, theatre plus films. Whether it is for scenery or performer makeup, this can be used to produce a changed appearance on someone’s face, or it can be used to apply makeup to various people quickly. That key is making sure the airbrush makeup is non-toxic plus has the proper viscosity.