Bean Products 10 lb Yoga Sand Bag

Bean Products 10 lb Yoga Sand Bag

Bean Products 10 lb Yoga Sand Bag. This handcrafted bag is available in two different colours and arrives prefilled with ten pounds of sand.

Created with sturdy nylon, the bag is easy to wipe off and keep clean. There are also two handles (one on each side) that are convenient for carrying the bag.

While the popularity of yoga proceeds to grow, it appears that there is a never-ending amount of new and fashionable workout props. That means that your workout routine never has to become boring or dull. There is always something new to try.

To say that this product is versatile is an understatement. It has so many different uses, making it an item that you will use again and again.

 First off, the added weight that it provides when used allows for deeper postures by increasing the tension when stretching. Body toning and resistance exercise enhanced due to the added weight.

The value of the sandbag is not only limited to enhancing your yoga routine. It is equally useful when doing Pilates, P90X bodyweight workouts, etc. It’s a good idea to experiment with it because without a doubt you will find it beneficial to use when doing other types of exercises.

Many people are not aware of the calming benefits that using weighted props provide. The added weight stimulates what is known as the deep pressure touch receptors which are found in our bodies. When this occurs, feelings of enhanced relaxation take place.

People who work with weighted props and are afflicted with ailments such as insomnia, autism, depression, stress, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and pain have reported a reduction in their symptoms.

Considering all of the benefits that they offer, these Bean Products 10 lb Yoga Sand Bag are a smart addition to anyone’s workout. And because you are going to exercise anyway, using the weighted bags won’t require any additional time to put them to use.



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